Delaware Internships & Mentorships

We mentor both students and accomplished designers

Whether you're looking to learn something in particular or you need the experience to graduate, we work with many apprentices right in our Newark, Delaware home office. We specialize in the following areas of interest...

Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Responsive Design, SEO, Social Media, Marketing, Email Campaigns, and more.

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Graduated Interns

These are a few of our graduated interns, who completed 90-130 hours at our studio.


Holly Wechter

90 Hours- Designer
Ryleigh Johnson

Ryleigh Johnson

90 Hours- Web & Graphic Designer

Kelsey Buckingham

Digital Marketer

Chynna Pruitt

90 Hours
Jayne Karol Bayquen

Jayne Karol Bayquen

Designer & Web Developer

Emily Martin

At the age of 17, Emily completed the internship program. She now works with Teakettica as a Design Coordinator.
Graduated intern, Jacob Watkins of North East, Maryland

Jacob Watkins

Jacob is a fearless Graphic designer that has an interest for HTML and CSS that brought him to Teakettica for his college internship. He learned a great deal from Jane and had a blast during his time with the company. He is currently looking into getting his BA in Graphic Design and Photography, while going in deeper to web design in his free time.