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Top 10 most inspiring women 2016

in the greater Delaware valley

We're excited to start our new series: Top 10 Most Inspiring Women in the Greater Delaware Valley as per our creative director Jane Clark. Every day for 10 days we'll feature one amazing woman in our blog. Ready, set, go!

More Top 10 Women 2016


Jennifer McMillan — Top 10 Women 2016

Day 10

Full disclosure: Jennifer is client and she pays me money. Obviously that made me pretty reluctant to add her to my top 10 list. However, to not mention her would be an even larger faux pas because she has made enormous leaps and bounds as a woman business owner.


Stefanie Roselle — Top 10 Women 2016

Day 9

Stefanie. Wow. I’ve been inspired by pretty much everything she does. From her animal fostering, amazing new office design to the rockin’ women’s organization she co-founded along with Amber Shader, she motivates me to grow on both a personal and professional level.

Angela Kovall

Angela Kovall — Top 10 Women 2016

Day 8

Angela is a ray of sunshine. Always beaming, she makes it her mission to know and help the people she meets along the way. (Apparently we went to the same high school!) She is is the inspiration for changing how I approach marketing…


Anne Green — Top 10 Women 2016

Day 7

What impresses me most about Anne is that she moved from Canada to Delaware and totally started what no one else has here in Newark has: a very popular, resident-owned news page. With over 7,000 likes on Our Newark Delaware’s super active Facebook page, Anne has quickly become known for knowing what’s going on in our local hood…


Vicki Lam — Top 10 Women 2016

Day 6

Let me start by saying that I LOVE Vicki. We met at a referral group at the NCCCC. She started her business a year before I did and it’s been awesome to watch her grow. She’s truly a guru at what she does and I learn quite a bit from her. She is also a networking queen and probably one of the most put-together people I have ever met…


Nancy Dibert — Top 10 Women 2016

Day 5

I digitally met Nancy on twitter back in 2009. Everyone on #netde knew her and looked to her as an authority in the twitter universe. If you’re an entrepreneur in Delaware, you have most likely seen Nancy’s diligent social media outreach on Google Plus, Twitter…

Robyn Odegaard

Robyn Odegaard — Top 10 Women 2016

Day 4

When I first met Robyn at a Wonder Women Tea, she intimidated me. Before me stood a goddess — tall and blonde. She was totally present and owned her space. “What a pro!” I thought. I tried to pretend that my tiger-striped tights and long dangling earrings didn’t pale in comparison to her super-put-together look…

The Baby Space

Mona Liza Hamlin — Top 10 Women 2016

Day 3

I adored Mona the moment I met her. She has a very calming and warm presence. Yet at the same time, she is a gal who knows her stuff. As a mother of 1 bulldog and 2 cats, I’m often in awe of moms who have it all…


Donna Duffy — Top 10 Women 2016

Day 2

Here’s my biggest secret: I’ve never actually met Donna Duffy. Crazy, right?! However, I know a heck of a lot about her because she’s a bit of a local legend when it comes to marketing. (Okay, I also stalk her on social media.)